Digital solutions for decentralized era

Trinity Lab is a blockchain software researchers and engineering team. Our technology and products help developers to build next-generation networks and applications.


Enecuum Network

Blockchain Mobile Network for decentralized application

Enecuum is the first blockchain in the world to unite millions of smartphones and other mobile devices into a single network. Here each smartphone can become a miner and make Enecuum stronger and more reliable. Simple, safe and fast using our app.


First decentralized exchange powered by Enecuum Network. Improved AMM algorithm. Liquidity pools. Any pairs and any tokens — A2A. Initial token offering based on locked pools smart contract and funds withdraw protection — defended fundraise. Enecuum Token Machine integrations.

Trinity protocol

Trinity algorithm combines PoA, PoW and PoS. This hybrid approach to consensus provides a high degree of network decentralization, while significantly increasing both network security and transaction execution speed. Network security is further enhanced by our integrated innovative cryptographic solutions.